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Fred Phelps Funeral

I don’t know why but when I heard that Rev. Phelps was sick I wanted to start making protest signs. You know, like the ones he made when he protested Matthew Shepard’s funeral. Those hate signs. I didn’t know what signs to make so I asked a bunch of friends. Both of them gave great suggestions

But now that Rev. Phelps is dead I’m filled with mixed emotions. Wondering, if Osama has a new bunk mate, as well as not wanting to be as mean spirited as him and his family.

The Phelps family asking for peace and to be left alone to grieve is ironic to me considering all those families that Westboro Baptist Church protested, yelling that they were glad that this person or that soldier died. The sheer evil that stemmed from these people and their beliefs have certainly made the world aware of who they are and how much their God hates!

I’m choosing a different route. Gratitude! I am grateful for the lessons Fred taught us! He showed us how NOT to love! He showed us that IGNORANCE isn’t bliss. He showed us that small minds have tiny goals… and even smaller churches!

RIP Rev. Phelps. We will never forget you.


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