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After everything I’ve been through with the spray tan technician whose IQ is in the minus category I tried to make lemonade out of lemons. But, HELLO!?? My headshots appear as though I was auditioning for a role on The Walking Dead. Which, if someone important is reading this, I am totally available and will be camera ready once I exfoliate fully. So contact me and I’ll make sure to be there on set one hour early!

The possibilities good headshots make are endless. I can be doing commercials and The Ellen Show in no time at all! Andy Cohen, here I come! All I need to get are new, perfectly skin toned headshots and then I can reproduce those pictures and pass them out to every agent of every boy band in every city in the world! See? Endless possibilities lay ahead of me. I truly need great pictures and… social media skills! Oh dear me, it’s back to that albatross around my neck. My old demon, Social Media. Like what? Twitter?! Hmmmmmm…. I have a phone. How hard can THAT be???


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