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Well, this is going to be another attempt at being relevant in a technical media world!
I’ve been reading up on what other bloggers have been posting to their blogs to get a hint at how I should proceed and what I should write about!

Apparently, the sky’s the limit! They write about everything! What Cate Blanchett wore to the awards show to what super-bowl team will win (big yawn). So, I’m just going to cast aside my inhibitions and starting blogging away! I feel so free not to be restricted!

First of all, who came up with the name blogging? Can’t we find a better word than “Blogging”? I feel like I should be playing banjo next to a river in the south every time I say that word!

Why not “eJournal” or something more internet friendly. And if that isn’t just the end all, while I was in line at the grocery market I noticed one of those gossip magazines with a picture of a monkey, an alien and their baby? WHO TOOK THAT PICTURE? Better yet, who would want to?! Oooohhhh … imagine my picture in one of those magazines and my out stretched arm screaming ‘no paparazzis!’ I would love the notoriety!

Dreaming big and writing about ME! Love my life!


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