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Okay, so being the boy band member with the great hair didn’t all “fall” into place so to speak. But, there’s still one more I can try! I’ll be the trend setter! Yes, I’m wearing this skull cap with pride inside the house … where no one can actually see me! It’s because I need to get the feel of being the hippest member ever! Know all the trends! Sheesh, it’s hot in here! I’m sweating like a House Republican strapped to a lie detector in the Oval Office!

I know that if I look like a gangster … or is it gansta? Whatever, as long as I look the part. I know that like Lindsay Lohan & Amanda Bynes & other young celebs all I need to do is screw up in public. Have my total “Blow It” moment! Yeah, I can do it! I can look like I’m failing at adjusting to being in the publics eye! It’s sooooo much fun being bad!

Wait! Um … I’m a tad dizzy. Oh, I’ll be alright, I just need water … which I ran out an hour ago! Damn You drought in California! Oh well, I just need … to … hang … on………………….. (thud!).


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