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Red Velvet!!!


Okay, so I’ve been standing on the minion side of the red velvet ropes for quite a long time this awards season. And I’m about to bust a gasket! I cannot believe how easy it is to walk down the red carpet! I CAN DO THAT! And seeing how this last big awards was the Oscars I was in hog heaven watching all the actors, actresses and famous people strutting their stuff in front of me.

You can only scream George Clooney’s name so many times before security begins to gather by your side. And don’t even think about reaching across the rope to grab … eh … shake … Meryl Streep’s hand! As if I could hurt one of my favorite actresses of all time. Oh, the embarrassment of the seeing the red carpet up close and personal as the polite large, rather burly men dragged me by the feet to the back of the crowd. It took me a good twenty minutes to work my way back to the front! And when I did, the only ones on the red carpet were the clean up crew! Well, this will not be the last time I am here. I will be the celebrity Mid-Lifer if it kills me. And by the looks of my scraped knees, it just might (sigh).


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