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It’s so hard being social at a Social Digital Media Event! Especially when the majority of the people grew up with computers, iPads and iPhones. No wonder their the generation of “I, I, I, Me, Me, Me“!
To better integrate myself into this new world of Twitter, Facebook and other forms foreign to those of us over the age of 50 … I went to my first Digital Media event in Hollywood! Not just Hollywood, but on top of the W Hotel … at night!!! And way past this adventurers bedtime too!

It was not what I expected. Everywhere I looked all I could see were 20 and 30somethings all chatting and speaking a lingo I had not heard before. “digital platforms”, etc. WTF? But, if I was to dangle my toes in the waters of these trailblazers I needed to learn their language and their ways. I would watch how they would talk to each other. The way they would be constantly looking down at their phones and laughing! AT WHAT?? Cute pictures of kittens? Dogs playing piano’s? I had no idea. I’d get close and try to eavesdrop … sigh. I dressed to blend in as well. I wore clogs to look hip and cool!

I happened upon the sweetest ladies from LGTB Wedding Expo ( [I learned you must put their website after the name or use a “@” or “#” symbol. WHO CAN REMEMBER ALL THIS!? And the cutest man Tony Duran of The Goode Time Carolers ( He puts together caroling groups all around the world! Even in the summer!

Well, I ran into Brian Rodda ( Who grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowds. Pictures, introductions, beautiful men! It happened so fast! Then he introduced me to Davy Wavy (youtube.davywavy) and had us take few pictures together. I was back in my element. The feeling of the cameras and flashes going off was exhilarating! And Davy was so sweet and nice! Gee, I hope he wants to be apart of my exciting adventure into the world of online stuff – thingymajiggers! Brian also introduced me to Jesse Pepe (I’m not Gay!-You Tube). Another doll and so talented (I did think that I would love to do a duet with him)!

There was a panel of people who have successfully used the different digital platforms to their advantage. Davy, Jesse and Brian were on this panel. Their knowledge was the exact reason I came to this event! When it came to the Q&A portion I was the first one to raise their hand, “How can someone who’s going through Mid-Life Fabulousness find a platform and become famous?” The panel all gazed at me with the eyes of children. BECAUSE THEY ARE CHILDREN!! Many gave me their thoughts and opinions. Most of which I have already forgotten by the time I got home to write this. Damn you short term memory loss! What I did take away from all of this was if they can do it, so can I!

Shortly after the panel ended and everyone was dispersing, my head starting reeling. I’m still old fashion Hollywood! I felt like Angela Lansbury in a sea of Anne Hathaways! I was being overwhelmed with all of the information this “information generation” could give me! Even the lines for cocktails were just as long as the lines for the opening of a Star Wars movie. Did I enjoy myself? Absolutely! I haven’t been amongst this many handsome young men since I walked into a Fraternity house by mistake when my car died.

I do love me a good party!


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