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OMG-OMG-OMG-OMG!!!!!   I went to see the most magical movie tonight.  It’s the first night of Disney’s FROZEN but it’s only appearing at one theater in the entire USA until November 27th.  So, I hopped in my car and drove the five blocks to the subway station (I don’t do parking in Tinsel Town), and off I went to the El Capitan Theater.  I am now in the perfect Winter Holiday mood!   All I need is a reindeer and an ice peddler named Hans Kristoff (sigh)… hint, hint!

All the way there I was wondering what the hoop-la-ha was all about!  I mean, it’s just another Disney Animated movie…sure I liked TANGLED and thought WRECK-IT RALPH was adorable … but after watching the previews on TV I thought I better check this out for myself!

If you’ve never been to the El Cap (what we locals call it) you should go and see this there!  I arrived and got my ticket (VIP section as I saved money on gas by not driving) and got my 3D glasses, my popcorn in a FROZEN bucket and my soda and went to my reserved balcony seat!  I was totally in my element being treated like Hollywood royalty.  The organist was playing a mash up of different songs from various Disney animated songs while us patrons entered the theater and took our seats.  Then the previews started.  I really like previews!  But, when they ended the lights came up a bit and the curtain opened and 2 beautiful women were using chain saws and carving blocks of ice into different halves of an ice sculpture (nope, not giving that surprise away).  And when they finished, they bowed and waved good-bye.  AND THEN the excitement was thick in the air!~

The animated short “Get A Horse” opens the movie – voiced by Walt Disney himself as Mickey (which actually made me think they had defrosted him for this as it’s a BRAND NEW MICKEY SHORT!!). Fun and fantastic it was!  So original and funny!   The people around me were screaming and clapping and laughing!  Then their parents joined in as well.  But, the theater quieted down as FROZEN began.

WOW!!  What can I say but WOW!  Can I say that … I’M IN LOVE WITH QUEEN ELSA AND HER WARDROBE!!!!  The music, the songs, the characters, the cute guys … er … snowman!  Idina Menzel (Elsa) and Kristen Bell (Anna) are both perfectly cast and with pipes like those, I’m so glad they used them!  Sing out ladies!  I’m not going to spoil this movie as everyone should go and experience this for themselves.  The special effects (EFX in the trade) were dazzling.  From the start of watching the ice being cut from the lake to when Elsa builds her Castle to the very end of the movie EFX, EFX, EFX!  How do they do that?! Who did they sell their souls to in order to make such stupendous effects?!  Plus, by seeing this in 3D, they were more real than some of the actual films I‘ve seen recently (and I‘m not naming names …yet!)  From beginning to end this was a magical ride of epic proportions!  And that’s just how you feel while watching!  I love, love, love Elsa (did I mention her gown and cape which were just GORGEOUS!??)  From one Queen to another, Elsa knows how to rock a dress & a castle!  Even if there are any actual rocks … if you get my snowdrift (ha!  I’m hilarious)! Don’t get me wrong, Anna looked really cute too in her dresses. She looked so ‘folksy’!

Hats off to Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee who directed this sparkling gem of wonder!  Along with the visionary Michael (Mike) Giaimo who’s art direction was spectacular!  That’s right!  I stay and read the credits … so what! I applaud everyone from the music composers to the janitorial staff!  BRAVO!

This movie will surely warm even the coldest of hearts …and I’m talking to you VLADAMIR PUTIN!

OMG!  Did I just write a review?  Oh my!  Feeling inspired to contact David Cohen at VARIETY and maybe even The Hollywood Reporter!!! Move over Rex Reed!  I need to spread my wings (this is where the Disney animation team comes in and gives me magical wings … !)


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